1. paperballthoughts:

    things that make me laugh before midday:


    do i succeed as a JEW fangirl if someone’s telling me to shut up? probably


  2. bringmethefalloutsirens:

    My favorite thing is when band members wear other bands’ shirts at their concert

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  3. derekptv:

    If you come out of a concert looking the same way you did when you went in, you’re doing it wrong

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  5. crowdalbum:

    50 pictures, photos and videos of Jimmy Eat World at The Castle Theatre - Bloomington, IL on October 11, 2014 http://www.crowdalbum.com/album/5438e3d7992cc6cf6c0001e9/Jimmy-Eat-World_20141011

  6. without-a-handrail:

    Also, Jim Adkins looks good. (I’m such a sucker for musicians.)

  7. pavlackaphotography:

    Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) | Majestic Ventura Theater | Ventura, CA

    October 2nd, 2014

  8. enemdub:

    ~My Ultimate Supreme Jimmy Eat World Cover Photo~

  9. demicambridgephoto:

    Jimmy Eat World live @ The Ventura Theater in Ventura 

    Shot for Property Of Zack by Demi Cambridge

    Instagram | Website

  10. karamariko89:

    Jimmy Eat World @ The Metro, Oakland, California, USA. Oct. 2014.

  11. sprinklerthief:

    at The Ogden Theatre

  12. radrecordsblog:

    Jimmy Eat World - “Clarity” - 2xLP - (3rd press 180 Gram, Clear) - ShopRadioCast Pressing

    Jimmy Eat World are just one of those bands that never put out anything bad, a band that continues to get better over the years. This release was the finding of their “sound” and the record that gave them a jump out there, it’s still as amazing as ever. In all honesty, it’s the perfect 90’s record, i can’t fully explain what that means, but this is it. I mean a song from this album was featured in “Never Been Kissed,” possibly the best movie of all time. There’s nothing more to say. 

    ShopRadioCast did an incredible job on this pressing. The packaging is top notch, but what shines here is the sound quality. It’s almost perfect, not a single pop, just clear sound. One of the best sounding records in my collection. It’s well worth the $30 dollar price tag. Pick it up from SRC or Jimmy Eat World on tour. 

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