1. herecomesmymidlifecrisis:

    Jimmy Eat World are one of the best live bands I have seen

  2. arcticsplash:

    Market east

  3. herecomesmymidlifecrisis:

    Jimmy Eat World. One of my fav bands and an amazing song. Talk about uplifting and inspirational.


  4. kman3115:

    I listened to all of Jimmy Eat Worlds full length albums, minus their out of print self-titled album, over the past few days. Some of these albums I listened to for the first time (their last two full lengths specifically) and some of them I haven’t listened to in years (Bleed American). The only…

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    From the archives.


  6. In 1997, blink-182 Broke Away From The Pop-Punk Pack



    AV Club has posted their next article in an ongoing punk series that is taking readers year by year through the 1990’s in relation to the scene. This week’s article is titled In 1997, blink-182 Broke Away From The Pop-Punk Pack and focuses on blink, Jimmy Eat World, Misfits, and more. Read the full piece here and a snippet below after the jump.

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  7. kaitlineatworld:

    No Sensitivity


  8. Jimmy Eat World announce a quick run of dates for May



    5/21 Witchita, KS – The Cotillion Ballroom 
    5/22 Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theater
    5/24 Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot 
    5/25 Reno, NV – Cargo at Whitney Peak Hotel

  9. go-trig-boy:

    Song Stories - Jimmy Eat World On ‘The Middle’

    "Strap that to your leg, buddy"

  10. xdmdx:

    Day 103- Jimmy Eat World- Firefight

    I was playing Dead Island Riptide earlier and one of the chapters was called Firefight, which automatically made this song pop into my head.

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  12. readytogogetmeoutofmymind:

    i have listened to jimmy eat world 1121 times since the start of march